Kitty Starter Kit

Kitty Starter Kit

New cat? No problem.  Amazon has every single cat item you may ever need...and more.  If you are a first time cat owner use this checklist to make sure you are prepped for your new feline friend.  If you have a cat already, check in to re-order your feline's favorite treats.  You can't beat Prime shipping speeds when you're busy and almost out of cat food!

Food & Bowls

Food. Keeping your cat healthy and satisfied is always a priority.  Whether it's wet food or dry food, make sure you read the ingredients.  There tend to be a lot of preservatives in wet food brands as well as unknown ingredients in some dry foods.  Find the flavor your cat prefers and go from there.  Place it on scheduled "re-order" and you get a small discount on your repeat purchases on Amazon!

Bowls. Take a look at the depth in the cat bowls you are thinking to purchase.  Most cats tend to like shallow bowls, so some of the deeper dog bowls won't cut it for your cat.  Try for a metal or ceramic bowl so they are easy to clean.  Plastic bowls tend capture bacteria and odors.  

We all know a cat that is particular about water bowls.  There are a lot of cats who don't like drinking still water and like it better when the water is moving. There are a variety of electronic water dispensers on Amazon if this is your cat's preference.  The fountain water bowls provide running water and usually help keep kitty hydrated if they don't like water from a bowl.  Start with a bowl first and see what happens.  Upgrade to a fountain if necessary!

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Litter Box

One of the most important steps to get right.  Potty training a new kitty is crucial to having a strong relationship with your new family member.  When buying a litter box make sure your cat can easily turn around in it.  Cats like to dig in the litter and make themselves comfortable before they do their business so making sure the size is right is very important.  Also, there are litter mats that you can place below the litter boxes to catch any litter that is kicked up while your cat is getting situated.

Litter.  Try to opt for the unscented kind.  There are plenty of scented litters that mask the odor with perfumes but this is hit or miss.  Depending on your home, you don't want the house smell to be overpowered by the litter perfume. There are flushable litters out there (just scoop and flush) but make sure you check and double check the label.  Normal litter is made of clay and will turn to cement if you dump it in your toilet!  Avoid a plumber and check the label and reviews before you buy~!

Scooper.  Don't forget this.  Some litter boxes come with scoopers and compartments to place the scooper.  Check to see if your box comes with one.  If it doesn't, getting one will save you a lot of stress and hand washes.

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Cats sleep all day.  They'll sleep on anything and everything.   Like dogs, cats like to have a bed they call their own.  Whether it's a small cat cave or a designated corner on their scratch post, during the first few weeks it's important that your new cat has a safe space to hang out and sleep that is designated.

Having multiple beds, even one per every room helps a kitty feel comfortable in their new home. 

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Toys & Catnip

Every cat loves a chase and catnip.  There are so many varieties of feather toys, bell balls, and catnip for kitties on Amazon.  If you're lazy, there are even electronic toys that will keep your kitty occupied on auto pilot.  There are never enough toys, so treat your feline to some new swag once in a while.

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Scratchers & Posts

It is instinctual for a cat to scratch anything they can find.  When in the wild, this behavior helps in grooming their nails and removing old nail sheaths.  Some favorite home targets are door frames and upholstered furniture.  To avoid bad behavior, having a scratching post in multiple rooms in the house will help cats understand their designated scratching areas.  

When you buy a post, make sure it's sturdy for your cat.  A best practice is to ensure your cat can stretch to the top of the post when standing and that it won't tip over.  Depending on your type of cat, usually a 30-40 inch post should be pretty stable.

Carriers & Accessories

A good carrier can help make transport to the vet less stressful.  Using a carrier that is familiar when a cat is outside can help make going outside less stressful as well.  

If you happen to have a cat that likes going outside (we've met a ton!), there are a variety of pet playpens that you can get on Amazon to bring your cats outside for some fresh air.  

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