Small Animal Starter Kit

Small Animal Starter Kit

Make sure you have everything you need for your new pet before you bring it home.   Here is a starter check list to make sure you've got the important things beforehand!

Cage: Get a cage that is large enough, escape-proof and easy to clean. Make sure you understand your animal size according to the cage size.  Some small breeds can often squeeze through bars of an average size cage.  Never underestimate the determination of a hampster, guinea pig, or bunny to escape.  When there is a will there is always a way! 

Bedding and Nesting Material: Depending on your type of animal, you will need bedding materials.  Hampsters for instance don't always like cedar or pine chips because of the odor.  Aspen is a safe option for hampsters but you can also opt for paper or other fiber based beddings. We've groups small animals here but do your research on specific bedding needs for your animal. 

You can buy nesting material made of cotton found at pet stores.  Sometimes these synthetic materials can cause problems if eaten so check the reviews before you purchase. You can DIY nesting with shredded paper and tissues if you are unsure. 

Hamster Food & Treats: The quality is in the ingredients.  Pellets are often the food of choice and offer the nutritional balance for many animals.  A pelleted diet can be supplemented with a mix of other foods like fresh vegetables and hay. Make sure you have a good balance so your furry friend is getting the right mix of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Some owners also like to add salt licks or mineral wheels as treats for their pets to snack on. Depending on your cage, choose an area where your pet can hang out and snack.

Food & Water Dispensers:  We suggest a small, heavy bowl that won't tip over or flip as an ideal dish for your small animal.  The sizes will vary by animal and cage size but something porcelain or ceramic is a good option to clean and can't easily be chewed up.

A typical bottle with a stainless steel spout and ball is what works best for cages.  The bowl of water will most likely get dirty and tipped over.  Keeping the water clean in a small hanging bottle is the most efficient way to keep your small animal hydrated. 

Toys: There are so many creative toys and jungle gyms for cages on Amazon.  In case you want to decorate, check out the cute furniture and ball toys for your small animal. 

Exercise Wheel & Hide Box:  Even these little guys need their exercise.  Hampsters love an exercise wheel and love space to run across.  You can find many options of cage accessories that help turn a cage into a mini jungle gym.
Hide Box.  Every animal likes a safe place to call their own.  Small animals will find a space that is comfortable for them to take a nap and have some alone time.  You can place a hide box in one of the corners of the cage to give your animal some privacy.  


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