Why your dog need this toy?

Toys are mainly used to avoid the dog to destroy the environment, reduce the dog's loneliness

1. Dogs often take destructive actions to relieve stress, restraint, and loneliness.

To reduce the damage to the sofa, shoes, books, and other things, you can give them some toys.

2. Appropriate size toys can be just right to consume the dog's excessive energy.

As dogs grow up,the toy should be eliminated.

3.which help improve dog's physical strength and thinking ability and health level.

What kind of toy is suitable for your dog?

There are many kinds of toy materials, have different characteristics, so before buying, we beed to understand the pet biting habit.

1.If your dog has a strong attack and bite habit, choose some hard rubber or woolen material bite resistant, wear-resistant toys.

2.If the pet is not a strong attack, will not tear into pieces, then you can choose a number of canvas or plush toys, these toys are relatively soft, not easy to be broken and easy to clean.

3.For pets without aggression, you can choose some soft rubber toys.

Size: Ball:2.8 x 2.8in

Material:safety and environmental protection of the rubber

Package Includes: pack of 1 ball

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