Aquatic Arts Algae Wafers - Sinking Food for Live Aquarium Shrimp, Fish (Pleco/Tetra), Snails, Bottom Feeders - High Protein Spirulina Blend - 6oz


These are the algae wafers that we feed to all of our aquatic critters as a special treat. They go absolutely crazy for these and several animals will crowd around one wafer, eager to get a bite! Fish, shrimp, crayfish snails... all of them absolutely love this food! This food is particularly ideal for bottom dwellers, since the wafers quickly sink to the bottom of the tank once dropped in. However, other kinds of fish (plus shrimp, crayfish, and snails!) love the wafers as well and will vigorously chase them down once they catch a whiff! This 6 ounce supply is enough food to feed up to 10-15 nano-fish, 40-50 shrimp, 2-5 small crayfish, or 20-40 small snails for 6 months or more if feeding instructions are followed. Feeding suggestions: Feed 1/2 wafer per 6 fish every other day. - Feed 1/2 wafer per 10 shrimp every other day. - For crayfish, feed 1/4 wafer per crayfish every other day and increase as they mature. - For snails, feed 1/2 wafer per 10 snails every other day, or less if wafer remains uneaten. Remember, DO NOT feed more until the food from the last feeding time is gone, and remove any uneaten food if you see any after 4 hours.

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