German Shepherds are picky. Especially Charlie and Cocoa. That's because they live with Joe and Amy, who are restaurant owners. These dogs won't give most store-bought treats a second sniff. What they really want, what they really love, is meat and bone. These dogs have no trouble crushing through raw bones and swallowing them, but for most dogs eating bones can be dangerous. That's why Joe and Amy invented "Bone Candy", the treat that lets your dog have its bone and eat it too. "Bone Candy" is made with only the ingredients that dogs love: Pork feet, chicken legs, chicken livers, and pumpkin. That's it. No grains, no filler, no preservatives, no sugars, no junk. Just pure concentrated goodness! Not only does it taste great, but the pork feet and chicken legs are high in collagen, which is great for your dogs joints. The chicken liver gives the treat an irresistible aroma, and the pumpkin is great for your dog's digestion. What makes "Bone Candy" really special is that we grind the pork and chicken along with all the bones so that your dog gets the satisfaction of eating all of the tasty bone and marrow without you having to worry about the sharp splinters. It's a labor-intensive process, but it's a true "Labor of Love". We knew after our first batch that this snack was special, and we think you'll agree. So if your dog is picky, or if you just want to give your best friend the very best quality, home-made treats, you must try "Bone Candy". If your dog doesn't like it we'll refund your money. That's how confident we are about our product. So go ahead and give your dog a bone, with "Bone Candy"!

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