CocoGo Bird Toy for Parrot,Swings,Ladders for Pet Trainning


CocoGo bird toy for parrot, swings, ladder for pet training product features a ladder with a length of 80cm and width 10cm. The product is nicely designed with an amusing wooden swing for mouse, rat and parrots and a crawling toy bridge. It is meant to encourage exercise for pets and enhance coordination and balance. The material used to construct this product are safe for the pets with a quick link fastener that can be easily attached to the cage. The product is perfect for large birds and other pets for example macaws, hamsters, parrots, and rats. The package comes with a simple to fix ladder that is easily place in a cage for the pet to use. The product is handmade to precision to fit any large cage, and the materials used are strong and delivers the needed comfort for pet training.

*Birds like bright colours. The product is made of the natural wood, totally handmade. It will fade *when meeting the water because no harmful color fixing gel included.
*Suitable for hamster, rat, parrot, and other birds
*Colorful and beautiful, your pet will surely enjoy it
*Note: Natural wood is not perfect, cracks or tree eyes are unavoidable.
*Material: food grade dying material and natural wood
*olor: multicolor
*Length: about 80 cm (including metal clasp)
*Ladder width: 10 cm
*Thickness: 1.5 cm
*Bar spacer: 5 cm
*Rung quantity: 12
Note: 4 metal clasps included. No harmful color gel added, it will fade while immersing into water.

Package includes:
1 x Bird Pet Toy Ladder

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