Double-Sided Pet Brush for Grooming & Massaging Dogs & Cat

Size:Double Sided Brush

Tired of lugging around a bunch of grooming tools for dogs? Looking to minimize clutter but still care for the coat of your precious pet? You're
looking at the #1 solution for pet owners (or groomers) like you! Outfitted with bristles on one side & pins on the other, it does double duty!

Groomer Recommended Double-Sided Pet Brush Tool - For Professional or At Home Use - Perfect Choice for Grooming Your Dog
Whether you're an ordinary pet owner looking to save money on grooming bills or a pro groomer needing to invest in new grooming equipment,
you know you can depend on Poodle Pet to provide top notch pet supplies. This dual-sided pet grooming pin brush does it all for convenience!

Saves Space + Nearly Cuts Grooming Time In Half - Efficiently Groom & De-Clutter Your Garage, Pet Supply Cabinet, Grooming Kit
Since it has not one but two sides, this professional grooming dog saves you time when grooming your dog or your clients. Use one side & then
flip it over to use the other. Designed as a 2-in-1 pet grooming tool & finished with a hole for hanging our of the way, it also saves a ton of space.

★ PINS: The mini metal pins that are featured on one side of the Poodle Pet groom brush gently but thoroughly reach deep to untangle hair &
remove knots. The balled ends of the pins glide across the skin of your pet, lightly massaging your pet into relaxation mode as he or she is groomed.

★ BRISTLES: The bristled end of the pet brushes for cats & dogs smooths & slicks hair to reduce frizz & flyaways. The result is a gorgeous coat
that is show-worthy & bound to make the neighborhood pets jealous. The bristle brush is soft, therefore it doesn't frighten wary felines or canines.

Can't wait to reveal the true beauty of your pet's fur? Save time, hassle & money. Order a Poodle Pet double-sided bristle brush for pets!

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