Grass Mat,Woven Bed Mat for Small Animal

Size:3*Grass Mat

Grass Mat and Play Toy 100% Natural Hand Woven Grass Mat

❤-Brings care to the tiny tender feet, prevent dermatitis and foot diseases

❤-The grass mat is a multi-utility mat that you can use it either as a bedding or as an chewable toy

❤-Handmade woven grass mats allow small animals to feel the scent of nature, comforted their uneasy heart

❤-Our mat also be used as grind their teeth, Natural handmade mats, without any chemicals, also with fresh scent of grass, you can rest assured that pet bites

❤-It’s hand-woven especially for small animals, and provides utmost comfort to them. This can also be placed inside a cage for its small size

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