K-10+ Glucosamine for Joint Health Supplement for your Dog's Water - 28 ct. Box


Help your dog stay active by supporting his joint health with K-10+ Glucosamine Supplement for your Dog's Water. This breakthrough formula contains an optimal combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM that helps promote healthy joints, flexibility and mobility, so your dog can run, jump and explore every day. The water-soluble formula is absorbed in your dog's mouth while he drinks, making it fast acting and stress free. Mix a single-serve packet in your dog's water bowl to provide your dog the active ingredients to be his healthiest without the mess or difficulty of pills or gels. This veterinarian-trusted formula is designed for adult dogs, but it's also ideal for geriatric and working dogs, helping to provide that added bit of support needed to maintain an adventurous, playful lifestyle. With K-10+ dog supplements, it's easy to take your K-9 to the next level.

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