K-10+ Weight Management Supplement for your Dog's Water - 28 ct. Box


Support your dog's optimal body condition with K-10+ Weight Management Supplement for your Dog's Water. This specially formulated supplement contains an optimal combination of ingredients to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lean muscles, allowing your faithful friend to enjoy his active lifestyle. The water-soluble formula is absorbed in your dog's mouth while he drinks, making it easy and stress free. Mix a single-serve packet in your dog's water bowl to provide your dog the active ingredients to be his healthiest without the mess or difficulty of pills or gels. We make this product without artificial colors or flavors, giving you added peace of mind that he's getting only high-quality ingredients. When provided in combination with a proper diet and regular exercise, this K-10+ supplement for your Dog's Water supplies the extra nourishment he needs to keep him at a healthy weight for a long, vibrant life with you. With K-10+ dog supplements, it's easy to take your K-9 to the next level.

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