Kathson Woven Pet hay Bed for Hamsters, Guinea-Pigs



Feel confident that your prized rabbit, exotic chinchilla or adorable guinea pig is safe and comfortable in the Kathson Natural Woven Grass Bed for Small Pets. Made with high-quality all natural materials, the fun and functional grass bed is safe for your pet to chew on and sleep in.

Because the raw, plant-based materials used to make the Natural Woven Grass Bed are safe for consumption, it can also be used as an edible bowl for any of your animals. Add some grass, hay or straw to the natural bowl and let your pet munch away. The SunGrow grass bed is lightweight and can easily be carried (with or without your little friend) inside and outside. Place the practical Natural Woven Grass Bed inside your pet’s cage to protect its sensitive paws from the hard, wire bottom of the his or her happy home.

Designed at a size to comfortably fit small pets so that they feel secure without cramped, the SunGrow Natural Woven Grass Bed for Small Pets is the perfect cradle for your adorable little critter. Responsible and loving small pet owners around the world agree that a natural woven grass bed is the best choice for their cherished furry family members.

Grass play ball - made with NATURAL grass. Watch as your pet rolls, chews, and plays joyfully with the ball. Gives hours of entertainment for your pet. 100% NATURAL, Safe, Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly

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