Ketogenic Pet Foods KETO-KIBBLE – High Protein, Low Carb, Starch Free, Grain Free Dog & Cat Food

Size:8 lb.

Encourage long-term optimal health with Keto-Kibble! Our specially formulated, Starch Free and grain free dog & cat food is designed with the health and wellbeing of your pet in mind. Carnivores by nature, dogs and cats do not require carbohydrates and starches. In fact, a starch-based diet (most commercial pet foods are majority starch) can result in inflammation, digestive problems and weight gain. By contrast, Keto-Kibble is a nutrient-dense pet food high in protein, fat, and micronutrients designed to boost your pet's health and nutrition. Pet obesity and diabetes is on the rise among cats and dogs due to starch and grain based pet foods. With Keto-Kibble Starch Free dog and cat food, your pet will eat more like their primal ancestors and cousins by consuming a diet rich in meat, protein, and fat. Not only does a meat-based pet food encourage strong bones, it promotes healthy teeth and shiny coats – not to mention the weight-loss benefits associated with ketogenic diets. When searching for a high fat, high protein cat and dog food, Keto-Kibble is incomparable. With more than twice the protein content (60+%) of conventional dog and cat food, your pets will find more nutritional value than so-called "premium" and "grain free" pet foods, which often still contain harmful starches such as tapioca, potatoes, and other additives. By contrast, Keto-Kibble eliminates these non-carnivorous ingredients entirely. *Ketogenic Pet Foods are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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