Size:XS Chest(~11")  |  Color:Red

Pet Clothes Benefits:

In this case, the dog must wear clothes, which is related to its health.Such as Chihuahua, Mini Doberman such body size,Thin dog with very low fat content,And young, or old dog,They are more afraid of the cold,Resistance is relatively weak,In the days of low temperatures on the best dressed to go out,In this way they can reduce the risk of illness.
#Cleaning Needs:
Dogs do not need to always take a bath,Always take a bath may cause their skin problems.So for avoid outside dirty,Dressed allows them to stay cleaner and longer,Also it reduces the burden of dog owners.
#Surface protection:
Benefits for when wearing clothes to go out to play with dogs,such as,In the fall, the dog walks and climbs the mountain, can prevent the insect from crawling on the dog's body.
*1. How to measure your dog?
Please refer to our photo show to measure.

*2. Your baby usually wears size S doesn't mean all size S will fit him/her.
Don't buy a particular size because of the different design on different shirt. Refer to the size chart for neck,chest,length,confirm the size before you want to buy.

*3. If any of the measurements are 'between' two sizes, choose the larger size.
If your measurements are toward the upper end of the range given for a particular size, you may also want to choose the larger size.

*4. Take each measurement a bit loosely.
Take each measurement a bit loosely, so there will be space to move and breathe, but not too loose. Choose the suitable one for your baby pet.


*1,Don't wear a long time,Put on when going out,Take it back when come back,Clothes to avoid friction with the dog's skin and cause skin problems.
*2, Attention to fabric:Use cotton and other natural fabrics,Reducing dog skin allergies itching.
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