Lucy's Top Choice Three Dog Chews Soft Cotton Rope Toys


Everyone loves to play with their dog. Show him or her some extra attention with these fun rope toys. They are built to be durable with high-quality cotton, non-toxic dyed fabric so that you and your dog will get great use and enjoyment from them. One set includes 3 toys. To keep your dog entertained and occupied. Orange, white, teal, purple, are the assorted color and cute design. The smallest toy is 8 ¼ inches long is the toy with a knot in the center and an oval loop on either side, no loose fibers. The next toy is 14 inches long is the toy with a circular knot in the center and on each side a long strand with small knot and loose threads. The final toy is 14 inches long with a creative looping knot at one end and a handle sized loop at the other end. This toy is heavier than the other two and would make an excellent toy to throw and for your dog to fetch. The solid knots located on each of the toys are wonderful for massaging your pet's gums, helping to clean teeth with every chew. Do you have dark eyes staring at you to come play? Treat, your best friend to these colorful toys and enjoy the thanks of a happy tail.

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