Size:6 to 7 Oz. Stick

The MONSTER Himalayan Yak Dog Chew—you’ve never seen a chew like this before. Made in the foothills of the Himalayas with an ancient recipe, these hardened dog chews are long lasting and perfect for power chewers. We source the highest quality ingredients and chews that are independently tested in Nepalese and American laboratories.No icky added chemicals, artificial ingredients, or hormones. Plus, these chews are low in fat and high in protein.


How’s it made?

After boiling the yak milk, it’s cooled down and centrifuged removing all the cream (fat). The fat free milk is boiled and mixed with lime and salt for few hours until it coagulates. During this process, the lactose gets removed leaving just the protein making it digestible. The thick paste (cake) is spread over hemp cloth and squeezed extracting all the moisture typically pressed by rocks. This process continues for almost two weeks where the cake turns into a rock hard. The hardened chew is cut into different shape and sizes and smoked for four months to give it the flavor dogs just love.

Are these fattening for dogs?

The fat is removed at the very early stage of the production process leaving the fat content less than 1%.

Isn’t salt included in the chew bad for dogs?

The salt is simply used as a flavor enhancer so it is almost nonexistence in the production of these chews.

What to do with leftover piece?

There is zero waste with these Dog Chews. Simply microwave the leftover piece for 45 seconds, let it cool down for 2 minutes and give the yummy Puff to your dog.

Do I need to refrigerate the chew?

No, you do not need to refrigerate the Dog Chew, but make sure to store in cool dry place and keep it free of moisture.

Do they expire?

As long as kept dry, they will last 3-4 years.

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