Size:17x17 cm

Round Coin Shape Wooden Bird Perch Stand, Parrot Corner Perch Platform for Pet Budgie Lovebird Hamster Cage Supplies, Great for parrot's present

Sizes:18*18*4cm/7*7*1.5 inches

Package included: 1 Pcs Pet Bird Perch

Why we need a Bird Perch Platform

Natural wood perches are the best perches for your bird¡¯s cage. Not only do they offer different diameters for your bird¡¯s feet, but they are also good for your bird to chew.

This is a creative design of the bird cage accessories - natural wood corner perch for bird cage, easy to install, with 3 screws can be fixed in the cage, Both sides can be stand, easy to clean.  Good for parrots to stand or have a rest in the cage.You may even be surprised to find that your pet bird likes to bite them.


Please check the size of the perch before making a purchase in case the item is not suitable for your pet birds.

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