Size:Large: Neck 19" Chest 25" Back 16.2"

Dogs are our good friends and one of the family members. When you dress yourself, you should also dress your dog beautifully. Try our beautiful dress for the dog.
Put it on, the dog can go to the party of the companions.
Put it on and take a shot of your dog like a fashion model.
Put it on and let the dog become a shining princess.

In addition to the aesthetics, this dog dress has a lot of practicality.
Dogs are always energetic, and they may run out of chaos where you can't see them. So you can choose to put a beautiful dress on the dog, which will make it more cute, and keep the fur clean and healthy, finally stay away from the hidden dangers to maintain healthy growth.
This product uses 100% eco-friendly fabric, in order to feel softer touch. At the same time, the superior fabric is not easy to generate static electricity, and it is not irritating to the dog's body.

Some suggestions for size when purchasing:
Medium (Neck Girth 14 " Chest Girth 20.4 " Body Length 12.5")
Large (Neck Girth 19 " Chest Girth 25 "Body Length 16.2")

If you have any questions about the product, you can send us an email.

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