Pet Naturals of Vermont Superfood Treats for dogs

Flavor Name:Homestyle Chicken Recipe

Just like us, dogs require a balanced diet for a healthy and active lifestyle. Your dog already gets plenty of protein from meals but requires other essential nutrients to achieve total nutrition. Meat-based treats might taste great but are loaded with extra calories, fat and salt that your dog doesn’t need.

At Pet Naturals of Vermont, we believe your dog deserves the best. That’s why we developed Superfood Treats to satisfy your dog’s cravings without the extra calories. Superfood Treats are formulated with fruits, veggies and oats in a mouthwatering bacon flavor that dogs can’t resist. By combining wholesome ingredients and yummy chicken flavor, Superfood Treats are the best of both worlds for good dogs everywhere!

We always want you to feel good about the treats you give your dog every day. At just seven calories per chew, Superfood Treats can be a guilt-free training treat to reward your dog for good behavior. Help your best buddy stay happy, healthy and active with Superfood Treats – a tasty snack that gives back!

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