Owning pets sounds fun. However, sometimes you may be fed up with cleaning their hair. Our lovely cats or dogs leave their hair everywhere: sofas, floors, carpets, car seats, clothes and also our beds. Ping Ping Pet Hair Remover is the best solution for quickly and easily removing pet hair. Just simply rolling back and forth on any surface needed to be cleaned to collect all loose pet hair, then removing them by opening the lid, you will know how successful it can be.

  • [SIMPLE AND REUSABLE] Thanks to a solid design as an ABS body with PP roller and nylon etiquette brush and also no adhesive or sticky tape required, it is not only easy to use but also 100% reusable.
  • [NO BATTERIES REQUIRED] Another advantage of Ping Ping Hair Remover is requiring no battery or power source. We do not need a charger or battery for hair removal.
  • [SMALL AND LIGHT] As a tiny and easy – to – handle model, it can be taken to anywhere with you at any time to get rid of pet hair.

  • 1.Move Ping Ping Hair Remover back and forth
  • 2.Open the lid on brush head to remove the loose pet hair
  • 3.Please note that you should not wash the brush surface directly with water. Use a soft towel instead. Soak the towel with water or synthetic detergent, then, easily clean the brush surface.

If you are pet owners, it's what you've been looking for! With Ping Ping Pet Hair Remover, you will never be bothered about your pet loose fur. Let’s purchase it now to get 100% satisfaction experience.

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