Rocco & Roxie All Natural Liver Dog Treats

Pattern Name:1lb Liver

We say “yes” to wet noses, wagging tails, and belly rubs, but when it comes to making really good treats for dogs, often we have to say “no.” As in: no fillers like corn, soy and gluten that bloat dogs’ tummies and give them gas. No shortcuts, no scrimping. And nothing but the highest quality meat.

We start with premium all-American beef liver, pure and simple. Then we slow-smoke it for 15 hours til it’s dry and crunchy and delicious. You can tell the difference from the moment you open the air-tight bag: this is a treat that will make him sit up and take notice. (Or roll over, heel, get down, stay or anything else you’re trying to teach him to do).

We’ve been told time and again that dogs love our Liver Treats. But we never take our success for granted! If your dog is not wriggling, licking his chops and willing to do backflips for just…one…more, let us know. We’ll refund your money. That’s a GUARANTEE.

Safe, all-natural, delicious, nothing but the best: You see, we’re a small family business and, well, Rocco and Roxie are part of that family. We’re guessing you feel the same way about your pets too.

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