Sancho & Lola's Closet Medium Plush Dog Toys with Squeaker or Quacker for Interactive Play Supporting Rescue Dogs Since 2015


Howdy, my name is Lola. Sancho & I are rescued German Pointers that love squeak toys, but we also tend to leave them laying everywhere. Many dog toys are very brightly colored, made to look like cartoon versions of animals. They can look a bit like 'eye-sores' on nice furnishings. That's just one problem. A more serious one is: what respectable hunting dog wants to be caught dead carrying around a cartoon?

With 'Caroline the Crocodile,' our goal was to offer an under-stated toy that would blend in as a little 'throw-pillow' if left on floor or couch when guests came over, but still functional for a game of indoor fetch. I can actually catch her from ten feet away. Her body fits perfect in my mouth so I love to prance around with her and see if Sancho will chase me. What makes mommy happy is that she contains no goofy fruit-loop colors that clash with her neutral tone carpet and couch.

The hemp texture is so irresistible, it is often hard for me to want to let go. I find myself nibbling on her a bit since the fibers feel so good between my teeth. Natural hemp fibers are great for stimulating gums of teething puppies and are safe if some happen to get swallowed. This also goes for the polyester filling. It too is non-toxic and is the same filling used in many toys for babies.

Please note, if your pet is not gentle on toys, Caroline the Crocodile will not be an appropriate toy for your pet. We are working on improving durability, but currently, she is not built to withstand more than gentle chewing. Please supervise at all times and remove if your pet tries to pull it apart. If you think Caroline is adorable, consider her as a gift for a small child or college student that loves crocodiles and alligators!

Our Mantra is: "Premium Pet Products with a Purpose" because our company was founded on the belief that EVERY dog deserves a forever home. We've made monetary and product donations to dog rescues and shelters in need since 2015.
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