Scoot Away Soft Chews for Dogs - With Digestive Enzymes & Prebiotics + VitaFiber & Pumpkin + Dandelion Root for No Scoots


When dogs scoot their bottoms across the floor, that could be a sign of anal gland irritation due to irregular bowel consistency. Featuring 500mg of VitaFiber per chew, our Scoot Away Bites are formulated to provide natural digestive and bowel support that will keep pups feeling happy and scoot-free. This chewable dog supplement can provide relief in your pet's bowels and help your pets digest food easier thanks to a premium blend of nutritional quality ingredients including pumpkin, mineral oil, dandelion, nettle root, apple pectin, Bromelain, and Vitamin E. And thanks to their great chicken flavor - it doubles as a healthy treat! These supplements are puppy safe and grain-free. Packaging may vary.

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