Shaggy Supps Shine, Omega 3 Fish Oil Dogs, Skin Coat Supplement Dogs


Put the best lovin' into your fur baby's hair and skin and let your Shaggy SHINE!

As dog parents, our camera rolls and insta-feeds are filled with more pics of our pups than ourselves - because they're all the cutest, right? So, make sure your fur baby is shinin' like a diamond for every selfie!

Our omega 3 for dogs supplements are tasty treats that pack a punch of health in every bite. Shine does more than keep your Shaggy shimmering.

The sustainable ingredients also provide relief for allergy symptoms, improve immune systems and alleviate painful joints so your pup can run, jump and play with the best of them.

Made in the USA with the purest ingredients, Veterinarian approved and recommended, and developed in an approved GMP facility, you can toss your pup Shine worry-free.

True love starts from within, so show your Shaggy the same love they unconditionally give every day!

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