Trying to figure out what will work best for your little friend? Looking for some things to make the daily hay more interesting? Here's a great way to sample four of our best selling hays. This sampler contains: 2nd cutting "perfect blend" Timothy hay, 3Rd cutting "super soft" Timothy hay, Orchard hay and oat hay. 2nd cutting timothy hay is the stuff most people feed to their adult rabbits and guinea pigs. It has just the right amount of protein and fiber. Your animal should have an unlimited supply of fresh hay at all times, to prevent GI stasis and digestive issues...And keep you out of the vet OFFICE. Hay is also the main way Our little friends keep those teeth worn down, so hay for everyone! 3Rd cutting timothy hay is very soft, and very leafy, with little stem. You are still getting grass fiber, and that will help you prevent all kinds of GI and dental issues. Orchard hay makes a nice change for small animals. They like some variety in their diets - think about how many different grasses and plants they have to choose from in nature! Our indoor friends love variety too. It's also terrific for folks who have allergies to timothy hay! Oat hay is a great addition to your hay rotation, just to keep things interesting! Serve occasionally by itself, or mix it in with the timothy rations for the day. This is a great alternative hay for people with allergies to timothy hay, too. Note: the amount of Oats and tops in this hay varies depending upon the crop. As always, we do our best to hand-choose the highest quality hay out there!.

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