The Creativehome Plaid Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt


Plaid dog hoodie will keep your dog warm and eye-catching in this bleak autumn and winter or cool day.

Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton, soft, without odors, machine washable, colorfast

(1)Warm red reflects a full sense of vitality, it is a very striking representative in the bleak autumn and winter , classics are not easy to outdated, so your pets are full of elegance and gentleman model.
(2)There is a hole in the back of the dog hoodie and the leash can be passed through. This is a thoughtful design, so you can take your pet out easily.
(3)Keep your pet's fur comfortable and warm during the cold winter, The dog sweatshirt perfect for your lovely dog daily wear.

6 sizes for you to choose from:
Size XS: Neck Girth 9.8",Chest Girth 15.4",Back Length 9.8".
Size S: Neck Girth 10.2",Chest Girth 17.3",Back Length 11.4".
Size M: Neck Girth 14.2",Chest Girth 22.0",Back Length 15.4".
Size L: Neck Girth 16.9",Chest Girth 26.0",Back Length 18.9".
Size XL: Neck Girth 19.7",Chest Girth 31.9",Back Length 23.6".
Size XXL: Neck Girth 22.8",Chest Girth 34.6",Back Length 29.1".
NOTES:Please measure your pets and choose the correct dog sweatshirt size according to our size chart.Leave at least 1 inch of chest girth for comfort. if your pet's size between two sizes,please choose the bigger size.

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