VETERINARIAN DEVELOPED Liquid Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs


Tropical oasis's daily joint and hip care formula is maximum strength specialized liquid joint supplement for dogs created with the assistance of top veterinarians to ensure your dogs can remain happy, healthy, and active long into their senior years. Our liquid dog joint supplement contains a blend of premium ingredients that are known to help repair cartilage, improve joint function, reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and decrease hip and joint pain for your dog:, 1500mg glucosamine, 1500mg chondroitin, 1000mg collagen, 250mg msm, 25mg hyaluronic acid why use a liquid dog joint supplement instead of traditional chewable or tablet supplements? Higher absorption rate than chewable or tablets faster joint pain relief for your dog since liquid ingredients are absorbed right into your dogs blood stream, you'll start noticing results faster than with traditional chewable or tablet supplements. Easy to administer liquid dog joint formula: Our liquid formula can be poured right into the your dogs food, and has a great beef taste that they will love. No more worrying about your dog not wanting to take their joint vitamins :) Unlike traditional dog joint chewables and tablets such as cosequin ds for dogs, dasaquin for dogs, or duralactin for dogs, your dog will love taking our liquid dog joint formula and you'll love how fast you'll notice results.

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